Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open?

Summer time:                     (Winter time:)

Monday-Sunday                   Upon request

10am - 8pm                                               


Can I rent Bikes from you?

Yes! Come visit us at Heiliggeiststraße 1, 80331 München - only 16 EUR for the whole day.


How does the rental work?

- You come to our shop

- You read our Terms & Conditions, pay and leave a drivers licence as deposit

- You get a lock & a self-guided map

- We give you the bike and you start

- You bring back the bike in the evening and get your licence back


How can I reserve bikes?

You just write us an E-Mail:


What information do we need?

- For how many days?  - How many bikes? - How many locks?


Where do I meet the Guide?

The meeting point is Marienplatz, under the large Tower of the New Town Hall (Das Neue Rathaus). The guide will be in Orange with advertisement.


Do I need to reserve for the tours?

No, but it is always recommended since we have limited places available!


 Are helmets available?

Yes, but only on request


Are locks available?

Yes, they are included in the 16 EUR for bike rentals


Do you have Child seats or Bikes?

Yes - we have both


How can I contact You? 



Where is your Office?

Heiliggeistrasse 1
 80331, Munich


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